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Dear Friends,
        My name is Albert Soo, owner of International Christian Gifts. Our business is dedicated to the Lord, and we strive to be good stewards of the things He has placed in our care. Our calling is to “Bringing God’s word into every home”. May we be believers or in the stages of seeking, The power and truth of God’s words is undeniable. Yet in our everyday living, we have been overwhelmed and bombarded by contrary messages in the world, leading us to wrong paths and robbing us of God’s gifts and promises.
Secular studies have come inline with Rom 10:17 “Faith comes by hearing, hearing from the word of God”, that we learn by repetition and positive reinforcements. It is our believe that through beautifully designed items, we can display the word of God in prominent visible places in homes and offices, as repeating reminds of God’s truth and promises in our daily lives, allowing everybody to take in the message and immerse in the beautiful promises of God. I take to heart that God has a great plan for us, a plan that is for good and not for disasters, to give us a future and a hope. (Jer 29:11).
A little background about myself and our company, I have been a Christian since I can remember, I was bought to Sunday school at a young age by my neighbors, and baptized when I was 16. I joined in the family business of photo frames fabrication back in 1999. My truest passion is to “encourage”. Encourage, people to grow. May it be to the children that I care for in sunday school, or to our colleagues and staffs on the shop floor. We are all here to make a difference, and in doing so we must strive to be better, to grow as the Lord has destined and expected us to be.
We operate a manufacturing facility in China, with close to 100 people. It is at such close proximity that you recognize the struggles of the Chinese labor, working day and night to provide just the very basics to feed his or her children and family. At our facilities, We are proactive in bringing to our staff opportunities to demonstrate the love of God. We organize along with churches, functions and activities for our workers on health, food nutrition, money, family relationships, and at right opportunities Salvation. Below are some of the photos of our recent activities.
A group of medical nurses sharing with us, about the food pyramid.
Gospel events
Pastor C from “Quality of Life Association” an organization’s focus on
Serving Chinese workers, leading our workers in a song about peace.
Physiotherapists showing us how to stretch our muscles during breaks.
Seminar on how we should take care of our money.
Seminar on how family relationship and friendship.
Gospel magic show performed by a brother who’s an accountant by trade.
During our Christmas Gospel night.
Singing Hymns at the closing of the Christmas gospel night.
Whilst work is a big part of our life in the factory, The workplace opens us up to opportunities to spread the gospel, to people who come from the far inland of China, where working with us maybe the only time they will hear about Christ. We prayer that the message of the love of God will continue to be shared to our workers, and restore the relationship that the Father wants with his beloved people.
We prayer that as we commit in providing the word of God through our products, that you may in turn support us by selling our items, so that the word of God can be placed inside every home. We welcome any suggestions that can bring this vision into a larger reality, may it be the way we operate, design directions or partnership that can further this cause. May the Lord show you that, he has a great plan for every single one of us, and that it is not a plan for disaster, but one that is good, and one that provides a future, and a hope.
God Bless you.
Factory outreaching in China is a delicate mission, if there are brothers and sisters who has a burden, or knows someone in need of help in this, do not hesitate to contact me at, albert@internationalchristiangifts.com, I could connect you with people who are equipt in this field. The harvest is plentiful, there are thousands of factories inside China that has thousand of people, all needing to hear the message of God. God Bless us all.
Albert Soo